Niro* by cho45

#14 Irssi web interface Irssw

I wrote new web interface of irssi which is an IRC client. I wanted a good IRC web interface on smartphones (Android or iPhone) but it isn't.

Install and Run

  1. Copy to ~/.irssi/scripts/auto
    • And once run "/script load auto/rpc" in irssi
  2. Copy app.conf.sample to app.conf and edit it
    • You must change the password
  3. Run HTTPD: perl script/ -p 9876
  4. Access http://server:9876/


This is mainly designed for Android (especialy "poor" Android, HT-03A). So Irssw has following features:

  • Save memory
  • Full Ajax (for UI performance)
  • Unread management integrated to irssi
  • Post current location (This is just the icing on the cake)


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