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#21 micro-template.js JavaScript Template Engine

Released first version of micro-template.js to npm: (repository: ). Of Course, you can use this in HTML pages.

This is inspired from John Resig's JavaScript Micro-Templating. It is awesome because very leverage small code. But wrote from scratch as following reason:

  • Better error messages: show line-number in runtime errors
  • Support source map: debug is more easily on Chrome including syntax errors
  • Well tested: tested on node.js
  • Escape by default: all output is escaped by default for security

And, as a result, more faster:

micro-template.js: 2156.721782890007 counts/sec
John Resig's tmpl: 1371.7421124828534 counts/sec
micro-template.js (escaped): 1874.414245548266 counts/sec

Of Course, this is still very small code. 27 lines:

I love leverage. Enjoy.

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